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The Economics of Happiness — March 29, 7pm

Upcoming Film Event!

Transition Mill Valley and The Away Station present The Economics of Happiness, a new documentary film by the International Society for Ecology & Culture (ISEC) about the worldwide movement for economic localization. The film is “a persuasive explanation of our ailing world,” according to Bay Area author Joanna Macy. “It connects the dots between climate chaos, economic meltdown, and our own personal suffering. . . . It presents localization as a systemic alternative to corporate globalization, as well as a strategy that brings community and meaning to our lives.”

Both hard‐hitting and inspiring, The Economics of Happiness demonstrates that millions of people across the world are already engaged in building a better world — that small-scale initiatives are happening on a large scale. The film shows that countless initiatives are united around a common cause: rebuilding more democratic, human scale, ecological and local economies – the foundation of an ‘economics of happiness’. The film features a chorus of voices from six continents calling for systemic economic change, including David Korten, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva, Rob Hopkins, Richard Heinberg, Juliet Schor, Michael Shuman, Helena Norberg‐Hodge, and Samdhong Rinpoche — the Prime Minister of Tibetʹs government in exile.

Tuesday, March 29, 7pm
Mill Valley Community Center (Cascade Room)
180 Camino Alto, Mill Valley
$10 donation

Guest Speaker

Trathen Heckman, President of Transition US

Special Musical Guest
Matt Jaffe
(Check him out on YouTube)


Hosting of The Economics of Happiness is possible through sponsorship by The Away Station, a Marketplace for Re-Use, committed to Creating a World Without Waste. www.theawaystation.org

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